Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makeup Tips for Different Eye Shapes

Make Up tips for different eye shapes.

Wide Apart Eyes:

Keep eyeliner darker at inside corner of eyes, then use a slightly lighter eyeliner to define the outside of the eye.

If your eyes are wide apart, try using a dark shadow on the far bottom inside of the eyelid, close to the bridge of the nose, which becomes clearer until it ends near the eyebrows. Follow this same idea underneath the lower lashes.

Outline the entire eye with a thin line of eyeliner and apply abundant mascara to the central section of the top and bottom lashes.

Avoid tweezing your eyebrows near your nose at all costs!

Prominent Eyes:

This refers to the type of eyes that tend to bulge out. In this case you have to avoid the use of clear or bright hues and opt for opaque and dark colors that will minimize the eye area.

You can define either the line of the eyelid using a dark blue shadow, brown or black, but fading it in so it blends naturally.

Large Eyes:

In this case the goal will be to highlight the rest of the face to distract attention from the eyes. For this purpose we recommend that you highlight your lips, cheeks or eyebrows mainly as your eyes tend to do the talking on their own without needing heavy makeup to be noticed.

Draw a fine line around the eye in dark colors and wear extra volume mascara. Add light under the arch of the brow with a white or pearl eyeshadow.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the breadth of this kind of eyes to ensure that They are the main protagonist of the look you are going for.

Small Eyes:

Use bright light eyeshadows and shadows in the background and deep colors applied from the center of the eyelid and ending above the outer corner.

It is possible to create the illusion that the eyes are larger by using bright colors and by applying a good thin eye liner.

Apply a light eye shadow in the lower eyelid and dark eye shadow right on the outer edge of the eye, always half out. The color shades of brown, gold, pink, purple and beige usually help open up the eye.

Finally, apply three layers of mascara on the lashes and smudge ivory or beige shadow on the inside of the eyelid.

Round Eyes:

Use pale colors on the bottom of the eyelid and apply the darker shades between the internal line of the eyelid and the eyebrow.

Normal Sized Eyes:

In this case you can use any type of makeup, colors and textures.

Try defining the contours with a brown or black eyeliner pencil and apply a clear shadow across the eyelid, this will give greater depth to your eyes.

Then add to this another dark shadow on the outer half, pushed up without reaching the eyebrows. Finally apply mascara!

Asian Eyes:

Enhance your eyelids with a yellow egg eyeshadow. Then, after locating your eye crease use and eyeshadow brush to darken the lid lightly with a charcoal or dark chocolate eyeshadow, then use this same tone eyeshadow on the bottom of the eyes instead of using eyeliner.

Avoid anything too dark and heavy with Asian eyes as it tends to reduce the size.

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