Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eye Color Tips

How to apply eyeshadows to bring out the color of your eyes!

Green Eyes:

The color tones that will most highlight your iris are: brown, purple and violet. If your iris is dark green used this range of colors but in light tones. If, however, your iris is light green uses dark tones.

Blue Eyes:

Use pink eyeshadow, these also are ideal for natural looking makeup during the day especially if they are pearly. Purples, oranges, peaches, golds, bronzes in all shades look great with blue eyes!

As with green eyes, use this range of colors in light shades if your eyes are dark blue and vice versa if your eyes are light blue.

Brown Eyes:

Brown eyes look great in all shades; from greens, browns (the gamut from bronze to gold) and of course the grays and silvers.

Hazel Eyes:

To highlight the green in your eyes use shades of purple, pink and violet. If not use the colors detailed above for brown eyes.

And thats the basics!! hope you enjoy these tips!

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